4 Ways to Keep Yourself Busy During the Winter

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Winter is cold, and who enjoys being cold and shivering? Nobody.

Many people, myself included, look forward to the Winter season just as an excuse to throw on those cuddly and warm thick jumpers and comfy leggings. It’s a great time to be a girl, at least for me anyway.

So far this Winter I have spent most of my time indoors with lots of hot chocolate and marshmallows being consumed, many pairs of leggings being used and many cosy evenings in front of the TV with my dog a good film or two. My boyfriend doesn’t enjoy staying in as much as me but tough luck hey ladies!

Here are 4 great ways to keep yourself busy this Winter:

Sweets and a Film

This was always going to be my first way wasn’t it? I LOVE films and sweets.

There’s honestly nothing better than staying home, wrapping up in a blanket with a hot chocolate and blowing through a couple of movies. It’s cosy and means no coldness from outside which is great. I usually order myself a bunch of retro sweets and other sugary goodies from an online sweet shop called the Retro Sweet Corner – they also have a shop in Liverpool although that’s a little too far for me to travel, well for sweets anyway.

Usually I buy a selection of boiled sweets that I used to love as a little kid and I also tend to get some menthol sweets to help with my regularly-blocked nose as it’s at its strongest in Winter.

My girlfriends usually prefer to get in their favourite american sweets although I’m not a huge fan of them. They swear by root ber and a chocolate baby ruth bar which I’m sure are tasty but come on, retro sweets are clearly the winner on this occasion.

So if you have a sweet tooth even half the size of mine then I certainly recommend these cosy evenings during the Winter – buy yourself some sweets on the internet, make sure Netflix has some great movies available (or download some) and get some friends around if you enjoy the company – I don’t share.

Drawing with Music

Drawing is something I have been doing for many years and my parents and partner seem to think that I am very talented at it – they’re not wrong but I certainly don’t enjoy blowing my own trumpet.

So I often have long episodes during the Winter where I will lock myself in my bedroom with my art stuff. Sometimes I’ll draw fictional characters from movies like The Expendables, and sometimes I’ll do drawings for people who have contacted me through the Freelancer or Fiverr websites. I sell my services there a lot.

Drawing is very relaxing and if you enjoy as much as I do then you know it can really take you to places that nothing else can. It’s like getting lost in an adventure similar to The Pagemaster, it’s brilliant.

Devian Art is a great website to join if you want to display your work, too, by the way.

 Dress-up with Outfits

Dressing up is another great way to throw away a couple of hours during those cold evenings when going outside is the worst thing you can think of. I usually empty my wardrobe in my bedroom and then look at great pictures on Google to get ideas of outfits that would look good, and then I try to match them, or dress up like that.

It’s good fun which can be made even more fun by bringing things like contact lenses into the mix. I have a collection of coloured contact lenses that I use when I hit the tiles with my girlfriends on the weekend.

Contact lenses are not the only thing that can make dressing up more fun – you can also get out your collection of belts, hats, scalves, gloves and any other fun and sexy accessories you may have hidden away. A favourite of mine is a necklace my partner got me for Christmas, it’s a heart locket containing a picture of our family.

Have fun with this one ladies, and send in your sexy pictures! ;)

Bubble Baths and Face Masks

I don’t think there’s a girl alive who doesn’t enjoy sinking down beneath a pit of bubbles in a scorching hot bath. It’s the actual definition of relaxation, at least that’s how it goes in my house anyway. I usually take my laptop into the bathroom with me so that I can catch-up with any TV I have missed during the week.

I often end the evening with a muddy face mask that leaves me feeling ultra clean and sexy.

How about you girls, what do you enjoy in the Winter?